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We Searched the World to Find An Answer

Creating global wellness requires global research. STEMTech HealthSciences searched the world to find the finest ingredients to create StemFLO®. This dedication to quality and results is the hallmark to STEMTech’s mission to discovering better ways to “Help the body, help itself.”

Fibrinerase™3 A proprietary blend of plant-based enzymes that help digest fibrin and debris in the blood supporting optimal blood flow.*
Mangosteen4 An extraordinary fruit originally from Southeast Asia that is well known for its antioxidant properties.*
Berry Extract5 A special formulation of berry extracts with proven high antioxidant potential designed to neutralize the production of damaging “free-radicals” in the body. STEMTech uses only extracts which have a high ORAC and CAP-e values. ORAC and CAP-e are the industry standard for measuring the effectiveness of any antioxidant product.*
Cat’s Claw6 Also called the “Sacred Herb of the Rainforest”, this tropical vine which is found in the jungles of the Amazonian Basin, provides potent unique antioxidant support.*
Rehmannia7 A powerful herb from China used to support optimal blood circulation.*
Curcumin8 Extracted from the Turmeric plant, curcumin has been used for centuries in Southeast Asia to help cleanse the blood and detoxify the body.*
Silicate Rich in minerals, silicate has been shown to have strong antioxidant properties to help reduce oxidative stress. STEMTech uses one of the world’s finest silicates from the United States.*
References: Scientific studies support the beneficial properties of StemFLO’s ingredients.

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WARNING: Like with any dietary supplement, it is recommended that you consult your physician if you are pregnant, nursing, on anticogulant medications or being treated for any medical illness or taking medications.